About us

Craig Droke of Droke’s A-typical Antler Art has created his business of unique antler art for the ever-changing and demanding decorative market place.  In the years he has been in business, he has had great success in pleasing his customers and collectors because of a few key factors.  Every piece of antler art that he has produced has resulted from a culmination of hard-work and pure enjoyment.  He personally hunts for shed antler and based on shape and species, creates the artwork around the antlers’ character.  Craig is a purest in that he is self-taught and disciplined in his craft. 

The mountains of Northeast Oregon provide the perfect setting for the inspiration and gorgeous, wild, seasonally-dropped antlers.  Craig only hopes that his love and devotion to his work is reflected into every piece so that you too can enjoy the beauty of this rapidly rising art medium.

  horn hunting (17)


Craig encourages you to look through the variety of work that he has created and consider your own personality and inspirations.  His work can be custom tailored to your needs and he is happy to creatively design a product that fits with the many different types of home decor.  Feel free to call or email with questions any time.